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Honda Smart Repairs

You love your Honda and you love driving it. We know you will want to keep it looking brand new forever. To help you look after it and make sure it always looks its best, Phoenix Honda offers a convenient, professional and cost effective solution: Honda SMART Repair. You can have your Honda returned as good as new in no time at all.

Honda Smart Repair is an alternative to a warranty approved repair. Smart Repairs, although sanctioned by Honda, carry no warranty.

Quality at no compromise

Simply book your car in and everything from a chipped windscreen to a scuffed bumper or a dented wing will be quickly and professionally repaired using factory approved materials and processes.

Convenient service

Without the need to have your car out of commission or claim on your insurance, minor damages can be repaired with maximum skills and minimum fuss.

No unnecessary insurance claims

The majority of SMART Repairs cost a lot less than a typical insurance policy excess, so there really is no need to claim on your insurance. Of course by not making a claim you also protect your No Claims Bonus and keep the cost of your premium down.

Trained technicians

Our technicians have been specifically trained to use SMART repair technology. The very latest innovations mean they can now carry out a high quality repair to your car and return it to you within a few hours.

Good for your budget

Honda SMART Repairs or repairs to minor body damage save time and money. Repairing the damage rather than replacing the part is much easier on your pocket

Damage AreaDamage TypeRepair ProcessCost*
Windscreen Chip Filling/Curing £55.00
Replacement Removal/Mounting Price on inspection
Headlight Yellowed/Cloudy Remove & apply new coat £55.00 per single
Scratch Remove & apply new coat £85.00 per pair
Bonnet/Bumper Stone Chips Touch-up £55.00
Fabric/Leather/Vinyl Smaller damage only £55.00
Plastic Smaller damage only Fill holes/Re-texture £50.00
Exterior Trim Scuff/Scratch Paint/Re-texture Price on request
Bumper Scuff/Scratch Flatten and Paint £180.00
Additional Scuff/Scratch Fill and Paint £180.00
Split/Gauge/Hole Heat, Repair & Re-shape £180.00
Fender/Wheel Arches Scuff/Scratch Flatten and Paint Price on request
Alloys Scuff/Scratch Repair/Paint £78.00 per wheel

£250 for 4

For more details or to book your visit, please use the enquiry form below or call us on 0141 849 5100.