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Key Points on Motability


There are lots of models for you to choose, ask one of our sales team to discuss the weekly payments.


Seat height, storage space, door angle or driving position.

Fuel Consumption

Fuel costs can make a huge impact on your monthly bills especially with the price rising at the moment. Find out how many miles per gallon a car can achieve before making your decision.

Greener Choices

There are models with lower emmission which can help you become a greener driver.


If you have a named driver under the age of 25 this may incurr a premium insurance which could effect your weekly allowance.


Most of the adaptions can be added to your car at the start of your lease so make sure you discuss all possibilities with the sales team.

Adaptations are devices that can be fitted to a vehicle so that driving is safer and more comfortable, and getting in and out of the car is made easier. There are a number of adaptations available, many for no extra cost, that could improve your motoring experience, including adaptations to help with :

​ Speed and steering 

​ Signalling and safety 

​ Stowage 

✔ Seating and access

If you think you may benefit from an adaptation in your new car, Motability’s Managed Adaptations Programme offers a wide variety of options that could make your driving experience more comfortable. The Programme takes away the hassle of organising adaptations by managing the process for you from start to finish.