Honda Bodyshop in Paisley, Scotland

What are Fixed Price Repairs?

It's the Honda Way to have things out in the open. So when you put your car in for repairs, there'll be no hidden charges, added extras or surprise costs. Fixed means fixed - there'll be no uhming or ahhing or prices made up on the spot, no matter how old your car is.

What do I get?

With Honda Fixed Price Repairs*, you'll get one price that includes the cost of the parts, labour and VAT on all models.

Not only is all work guaranteed for 12 months, but it'll be fixed by Honda trained technicians, using genuine Honda parts. It's all a part of our special Honda Retail Service Promise.

All the fixed prices for essential repairs*

Front brake pads £110

Rear brake pads £110

Front brake pads and discs £270

Rear brake pads and discs £270

Battery £95

Front wiper blades £25

Rear wiper blade £15

Pollen filter £38

Air filter £38

Drop links £100

Spark plugs Iridium £145 (set of four) £225 (set of eight)

Spark plugs steel £75 (set of four) £120 (set of eight)

Coolant change £65

Brake fluid change £50

CVT fluid change £75

Air con service £65​