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The new CR-V ad campaign knows what the weather’s like

HERE at Phoenix there’s no end to our gratification to the quality of our marque’s new releases.

It’s rather appropriate then that the stupendous new Honda CR-V has a never-ending (and rather clever) ad campaign.

Called The Endless Road, it employs a hypnotic visual illusion showing the superlative SUV moving through a world within a world.

It’s a mesmerising watch, (a 3D version of the droste effect to be specific), one that amazingly is personalised depending on where you are on the globe.

Using internet wizardry it knows your geographic location and uses real time data to reflect the time of day and weather of your location, whether you’re in Glasgow or the Gold Coast.

A rainy night in America? You’ll see it pouring in darkness. A beautiful day in Tokyo? The sun will illuminate the CR-V’s sisyphean travels.

This amazing illusion, unsurprisingly, involved a huge technical effort.

The road featured may be a real place - Pigtail Bridge in South Dakota specifically - but it was filmed using a detailed one tenth scale model and cutting-edge 3D tools.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg however - click here for a full explanation of the work involved.

It’s yet another clever ad campaign from Honda, and we think it’s a worthy successor to the last “Illusions” CR-V advert, which looked to be the work of M.C. Escher.

The Japanese manufacturer say the film demonstrates their never-ending quest to create the most advanced car ever, but we reckon it’s also a sign of their never-ending value.

With the new model available with a £1000 deposit contribution, and the option of five years servicing for £500, it’s infinitely worth a look.

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